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Short Stories


The Queen's Strength

July 10, 2018

Blood Bonded #2

By the time Riker secures a meeting with the hawk shifters, the situation between his human, Val, and the rest of his pride has not much improved. Riker expects Val to make some concessions for shifters as he does with humans, and Val is hesitant when it comes to the one he wants most: having sex out in the open. She demurs, but Riker makes it clear it won’t work for long. 

Then he shows up at her human workplace, shirtless and sexy and exuding so much confidence that Val nearly lets the barbell drop on her client. Riker is testing her confidence, testing her limits … and she doesn’t know much longer she can hold out.


The Alpha's Pride

July 24, 2017

Blood Bonded #1

​In a world where humans and shifters live in fringe societies, Val is taking a risk camping in the woods on shifter territory. Her overconfidence lands her in a game of life and death. This shifter is out for amusement, and doesn’t care if she wants to play. The game is set, and she must participate. He offers her a deal: if she wounds him, she wins. If he catches her, she dies.

Riker has every intent to kill her. Or did, before her scent hinted she is a potential blood bonded. Intrigued by the possibility, he pursues her in a hunt that will change their lives... and forever alter shifter and human societies.

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