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Kindle Vella Stories

My stories that are available on a chapter-by-chapter basis.


A Kindle Vella Novel

Natsuki started seeing ghosts after her mom vanished - and moreso now that her dad's stricken with an acute illness. Never did she think that this strange ability would lead her to the teenage mutant ninja people residing in Underground Seattle. They want Natsuki on their team. She's an elusive spiritweaver, and their ragtag group is down to their last threads.

But the Malum want her, too - or rather, her skin. And they don't care who dies in the process.

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The Sextuple Engagement

A Gay Harem Fairy Tale

Dom just wants to be a regular guy with an average delivery job keeping his modest wage. But when he upsets the banished Snow Prince, there's only one way out: marry him.

Six princes have been banished for failing to fulfill their destinies, as mandated by the Snow Queen. Now this young man has all but fallen into their laps. How fortuitous, as all six failed due to their proclivity for men.

Will Dom keep his end of the deal, or will he risk his family's lives to escape these hungry princes?

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