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Two Years Later... (BURNING BRITELY news!!)

Ah, yes. Deidre is, once again, infamous for falling off the map for several months/years at a time.

So what am I doing back?

Well, for starters, I'm releasing content again. I self-published my first sapphic story, The Witchling and the Huntswoman. Why self-publish? To be honest, I just wanted complete creative control over this one. Liesl's voice is incredibly unique compared to my other works - melodic, almost. I'm even pleased to say my beta readers have compared it to The Song of Achilles.

I also just received confirmation that two more stories - one short free read, one novella - are going to be published under my pen name Laelia West. That's right, Evernight Publishing has accepted my next manuscripts in the Throuple Threat series! I have one more free read to come, but as it takes place in the middle of this third book (which is tentatively titled WARNING: Cabin Fever), I won't be releasing that until a bit later.

Moreover - and I know that this is the news y'all really want - I'm in the editing phase of the third Burning Britely installment. Yes, there is a conclusion to Jeff and Braeden's stories... at least, a YA conclusion.

Because I've also been working very, very hard on a New Adult project with them.

Not a new book.

A comic.

In the past year in particular, I've been honing my drawing skills. I realized that I still love it--that I still enjoy the manga format. I've been reading a ton of manga, working on my character designs, and I'm super pleased to say that I have about 27 pages completed as of now!

One of them is an amalgamation of scenes from the Burning Britely trilogy. The final panel is a spoiler for book 3, so this sneak peek is only going to show a portion of the page. I think many of you will recognize the scenes!

"But if it's New Adult, does that mean..."


This comic will most definitely be NSFW.

My mental health has been significantly better lately as well, so I'm really, truly hoping to stay steady and release more amazing content for you guys.

Thanks for sticking with me!


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