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PUBLISHING ANNOUNCEMENT! Warning: Rigid Standards, out March 24th 2020!

We have a cover!

We have a blurb!

We have a date!

My friends, we have a book for Laelia West's debut!

Silver-spooned Portia Ward is getting her degree to start a life free from her mother’s stipulations. She doesn't need additional complications. Maybe a casual one-night stand now and then. Nothing intimate, nothing close.

The economics major in her history class disagrees. Portia hates Malik on sight: he's tall, arrogant, and wears sunglasses indoors for no reason. He has a comeback for everything. His clothes don’t quite sit right. And who wears all black in the heat? When he asks her on a date, she’s so irked by his blasé confidence that she agrees.

Then she catches glimpses of Malik’s other side. The one who wants to study music theory. The one who apologizes by baking cheesecake. The one who won’t touch her until she asks. He has one rule: he doesn’t do casual. If Portia wants more, she’ll have to compromise her rigid standards.

Coming to online retailers March 24th, 2020!

Don't forget to check the Laelia West page as well. We are LIVE, my friends!

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