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NaNoWriMo & (possible?) ADHD

I'm not actively participating in NaNoWriMo this month.

I've tried in the past. I struggle to keep on track. Which seems odd; one manuscript I have I wrote 80% of the first draft in a week. I know it's doable... if I'm in the right "moment."

But here's the thing: my spurts of that come very few and far between. After 32 years, I might have an answer for why.

And I didn't know this about myself until my son's therapist suggested he may have ADHD inattentive type. The more I read into it, the more a lot of things make sense about my own childhood - namely how I can hyperfocus on things I enjoy but only if I'm really captivated. I have to be in a mood.

The rest of the time I struggle. The less structure my life has, the more I struggle.

No official diagnosis yet. I'll be seeing a doctor next week, and kids are harder to diagnose, so my son's therapist wants to see him a few more times before she reaches any conclusions.

But the more I read about inattentive ADHD, the more I was shaken and moved to tears. So much made sense. My inability to do homework in school or pass my math tests despite being able to do the work in class. Being called lazy and inattentive. Getting in trouble for lowkey issues like reading during math or spacing out. Building furniture backward despite following the directions.

A lot makes sense. I wouldn't be surprised if I have inattentive ADHD, nor if my son has it. A lot will make sense.

Suffice to say, something like NaNoWriMo doesn't really help unless I'm already in the mood.

I am writing. I've chosen to focus on one project.

Ideally, I'd write 1,666 words per day.

So far I've averaged 1,100.

And that's OK.

It works for me.

Any progress is still progress.

If you're participating in NaNoWriMo, best of luck! I can't wait to hear about the awesome stories that result from this.

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