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I got married!

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

My fiance and I tied the knot this past weekend. Most of our immediate families were there. I managed to get the youngest into a summer dress. My oldest wore a stained shirt, and my stepsons wore flipflops.

And we all had a blast.

Everyone's wedding is going to be different, and with different priorities. I feel so lucky that my husband was of the same mind. Low-key, minimal decorations, a potluck affair (I made fried dumplings, yum!), and with a lot of family helping out and letting me borrow things to make our day special.

So for this week, I'm enjoying being newly married. Regular blog posts will resume next Wednesday!

* My work will still be under this name. It'll just become a pseudonym. I hope to have more publishing-related news soon!

** Also, my last-minute bouquet turned out so pretty!

Chrysanthemum, alestromeria, and lupinus!

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