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Happy New Year! & Post-Hiatus Apology

First, Happy New Year!

I'm actually looking forward to 2020, though I'm keeping expectations low. 2018 and 2019 were not kind to me at all, so for 2020 I'm just asking for moderate wellness all around. My one aim for improvement is, as always, my writing. Write a little more, improve every time, try something new. I have a lot of projects under my belt and potential exciting news incoming, just need a little longer for confirmation.

So! About that unannounced blog hiatus.

Remember when I mentioned potential ADHD in this post?

I got my diagnosis a month ago: combined type ADHD.

What does this have to do with the abrupt hiatus? Basically that I'm being a little more forgiving on myself when stress mounts, my executive function gets out of whack, and I simply don't have a blog to post.

I should have mentioned something on the first week, but I truly didn't know how long it would be until I could clamber back into the blogging saddle. Holiday stress is a gamble with two toddlers, and now that I'm understanding better how my brain works (or, well, doesn't), I'm going a bit easier on myself if I mess up.

I do apologize for no warning.

And the blog will be back on its regular schedule (provided no more surprise ER visits like last week).

(Other Things That Happened: son got a potential new diagnosis, therapy visits have taken an uptick, daughter's poor immune system took a hit - oh, and VACCINATE YOUR KIDS.)

Next week we have another Evernight Spotlight interview, so keep your eyes wide open for that!

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