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Updated: Sep 29, 2019

I've been writing since 2001. Well, probably earlier, but 2001 is when I remember having an online account specifically dedicated to the craft. If we count the stories I wrote for class in 2nd grade, I've probably been writing since 1995.

Baking is a newer experience. And cooking, actually! That's right, I didn't start legit cooking until about 5 years ago. Baking rapidly became a curiosity. Cookies, cakes, muffins, cupcakes - it's great fun. And a lot of weird stress. You can do everything right but still fail in taste, texture, or execution.

Stock photo of the talent I wish I had.

I find writing and baking to have a lot in common, which might be why I'm taking such pleasure in the latter as a newer interest. Just think about it:

1. you have a baseline recipe (outline)

2. your prep (character sheets, maps, etc) and ingredients (ideas)

3. your oven, pans, and whisks (computer, pencils, paper)

4. start cooking (writing)

5. first attempt comes out off somehow (first draft is a mess)

6. try the same recipe again (edits)

7. but wait, what if you try something new? (revisions)

8. still not quite right (back to editing)

9. repeat steps 6-8 until you perfect the batch (novel looks good!)

10. feed to friends and family (send to beta readers)

And 11. if you're ambitious, you apply for a cooking job (query agents/editors)

Hopefully, in the end, you've made something a lot of people would be happy to eat (read). Maybe you'll make a career of it, maybe you won't - creative jobs are fickle. But damn, are you ultimately proud of what you've produced.

What's tonight's ambition? Well, it's actually eating out (reading another published book), but hey, it helps to look at someone else's work so you can better analyze your own

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