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An art page!

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

I was going to have a new post about writing, but I was overcome with the strangest affliction this week: the need to draw.

Until now, I haven't done more than doodle in 14 years.

I even got a cheap drawing tablet and dusted off Photoshop.

Here's one of my first results: Jeff and Braeden in Yearning Young.

"Braeden forgot himself and hugged back, pressing his face into the feathery blond hair, breathing in the unique books-and-woodsy scent that no one else could replicate. It was Jeff, steady and sure and stable, and Braeden had never, ever, ever been so relieved to see him."

I think I did all right.

And it certainly helps keep me motivated and on my stories during writer's block.

So check out the new art page! It'll be updated sporadically with character concepts, scenes, and the like, from stories I've published and stories I'm working on.

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