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Laelia West

Adult ● Queer ● Poly ● Kink


WARNING: Rigid Standards

Throuple Threat #1

Silver-spooned Portia Ward is getting her degree to start a life free from her mother’s stipulations. She doesn't need additional complications. Maybe a casual one-night stand now and then. Nothing intimate, nothing close.

The economics major in her history class disagrees. Portia hates Malik on sight: he's tall, arrogant, and wears sunglasses indoors for no reason. He has a comeback for everything. His clothes don’t quite sit right. And who wears all black in the heat? When he asks her on a date, she’s so irked by his blasé confidence that she agrees.

Then she catches glimpses of Malik’s other side. The one who wants to study music theory. The one who apologizes by baking cheesecake. The one who won’t touch her until she asks. He has one rule: he doesn’t do casual. If Portia wants more, she’ll have to compromise her rigid standards.


WARNING: Size Queen (Throuple Threat 2)

Ezra Kaneshiro likes a challenge—he’s a pre-med student aiming to be a doctor in war-torn countries, after all. Maybe that’s why his roommate intrigues him. All this time, Malik has given off “repressed gay” vibes, yet now he seems genuinely happy with his fiery new girlfriend. But if that’s the case, why does he get awkward when Ezra undresses, and why did he stare back for so long when Ezra caught him in a compromising position?
Positive there’s more to his roommate, Ezra begins to prod. A drinking game brings Malik to the precipice, but it’s not enough. Not quite. When Malik spills that he and Portia aren’t exactly monogamous, Ezra makes his move.
After all, Ezra has nothing to lose … except the first man he’s ever fallen for.

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