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Young Adult LGBTQIA+


The Witchling and the Huntswoman

April 22, 2022

When a magic mirror declares Liesl Weiss the loveliest in the land, she's elated—until her younger sister, Hannelore, seeks revenge for stealing the title of the most famous beauty. After defaming the eldest princess, Hannelore recruits an army of dwarves and slaughters their parents. Liesl flees into the woods, where she meets a sinfully alluring huntswoman.

But then Queen Hannelore demands her sister’s head, and Liesl is forced to choose: her own life and newfound soulmate, or the sister she loves even now.


Apocalypse NOPE!!

April 22, 2021

Creepy. Grudge Girl. Bigfoot. Also known as Ivy-Jean, a tall, gloomy teenager whose only friends are wild spiders. One day she commits a federal crime by opening her neighbor’s mail and summons War, one of the Four Horsepeople. Suddenly it’s her job to bring about the apocalypse.

In fact, she has no choice. End humanity, or the one person who cares about her will be sent to hell. To protect her mother, Ivy-Jean agrees to give the apocalypse her best shot. But plans unravel at horrifying speed when Pestilence usurps the high school debate team, War infiltrates the D&D club, Famine aspires to become a world-famous chef, and Death finds love for life in an unlikely place. If Ivy-Jean doesn’t correct their course, she’ll lose the horsepeople to the forces of good forever.

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Just Me

April 15, 2020

Love is in the air...
JUST ME is a hand-picked collection of stories about self-discovery and being true to yourself. This LGBTQ+ young adult anthology is not afraid to take on real issues facing today's teens.

"Witty, fast-paced, and well written."

Wilde Girls by Deidre Huesmann
Broken Rules by Roxas James
Bullet Me by Medeia Sharif
We'll Always Have This by Kate Larkindale

Wilde Girls:
Aislynn considers Wilde Flowers her sanctuary. Run by an old woman more accepting than all the churches in town combined, it’s a place where Aislynn can be her queer, pansexual, untraditionally feminine self. Wilde Flowers is her safe space until her childhood bully Phoenix waltzes in, as infuriating and beautiful as when she moved to Utah two years ago.

To Aislynn’s horror, she ends up working in Wilde Flowers with Phoenix as a temp. The two butt heads constantly, and their rivalry explodes when Aislynn lays bare all of Phoenix’s horrendous bullying in the past. Yet it’s Aislynn who’s asked to leave, and she’s devastated, feeling her sanctuary has been ripped out from beneath her.

But then Phoenix comes to apologize, and what she has to say will irrevocably change how Aislynn views her… not to mention how their relationship unfolds from that day forward, as Aislynn sees a whole new side to the abrasive, cutthroat Phoenix.

Burning Britely series

Yearning Young jan 2019-complete.jpg

Yearning Young

February 6, 2019

Burning Britely #2

Braeden’s never had to question anything before. He’s always been popular, always had everything handed to him, and always been straight.

Then he met Jeffrey Young. Quiet, studious, analytical … a guy.

Falling for Jeff ultimately resulted in Braeden’s expulsion. Now he’s questioning everything. Like if he can handle his pill-abusing mother and ruthlessly enabling father much longer. If he’s protecting his siblings out of selfless motivations. If he belongs with Jeff, now his boyfriend. Jeff’s less-than-straight friends are skeptical of his sexuality as well, which isn’t assuaging any of Braeden’s fears.

As his connection to Jeff deepens quicker than expected, Braeden has to face the question he’s been avoiding for weeks: what is he supposed to do with a guy?

Burning Britely_EDpick.png

Burning Britely

August 22, 2018


With Jeff Young’s fantastic grades, he should be a great tutor. But he’s terrible with human interaction. “You’re an asshole,” is not a unique phrase to him. Jeff’s all right with that. His past proves most people are assholes.

Even with his reputation, he takes it too far when he uses a textbook to save the track star, Braeden, from a goose attack. Braeden is everything Jeff is not. Tall. Charming. Has 20/20 vision. And would never, ever wipe his mouth after a girl kisses him.

Braeden insists on getting to know Jeff. Jeff vacillates between wanting to know him and wanting to punch him in the mouth. Then he discovers the darkness rippling beneath Braeden’s deceptively easy-going persona. As Braeden confides his secrets, Jeff does the one thing that’s socially suicidal:

He falls in love with the very popular, very straight Braeden Britely.

A Modern Greek Myth trilogy



April 5, 2017

A Modern Greek Myth #3

While Azalee recovers from her stabbing, the High Priestess continues to lord over her. Azalee begins to feel her situation is hopeless once the Mother of Mykonos declares her mistrust of the Blistered child. With few allies, she makes desperate moves to gain some sense of control.

In Athens, Joel and the others come to the dreaded realization that Joel is also a chosen mortal by a very unlikely and malicious god. Joel will have to sacrifice his beliefs to reach Azalee—and even that may not be enough.

As their fates intertwine, trust is tenuous, promises are broken, and blood is spilled. Azalee and Joel can succumb to the gods’ twisted games...or challenge the fates.



February 1, 2017

A Modern Greek Myth #2

Trapped on Mykonos, Azalee makes a deal with a god of death: find him Desdemona, and he’ll bring Joel, the love of her life, back to her. But her attempts are thwarted at every turn by an infuriating High Priestess, who touts great political pull and seems to have sinister plans for Azalee’s future.

Shipped back to Illyria, Joel is imprisoned beneath the Kurios’s quarters, where he’s unwittingly reunited with his dangerous elder brother, Deimos. Joel wants to rescue Azalee, but Deimos is determined to prove that Joel must break his pacifism to do it.

Though on opposite ends of Greece, Azalee and Joel’s decisions continue to twine across the threads of fate. Will fate bring them together, or are they destined to remain apart?



November 9, 2016

A Modern Greek Myth #1

Azalee wants a home—one that isn’t a cold, dirty prison deep within the earth. Even if she wanted to escape, she can’t walk in sunlight. Her skin will burn and flay, blistered by a god.

Joel wants to get her somewhere safe. Both are outcasts, shunned, and forbidden from taking proper Greek names. He breaks her out of an underground prison, and they flee toward Mykonos.

The battle-worn Kurios sends Niribelle after them. She’s gorgeous, she’s cunning, and she seems to have a thing for Joel. She arrives armed with Hecate’s magic, and blessed by Aphrodite’s beauty.

Soon the three teenagers discover one horrifying thing: Mykonos will be no paradise.

Sequoia & Moonlight Universe

From YA to Adult, follow Rachael Adair into the bloodthirsty world of lycans.


Lycan Within

May 6, 2016

Moonlight Wars #3

All Rachael Adair wants is to build her unconventional life with her alpha boyfriend, Aaron Moreno. She was well on the way.

Until Aaron's younger brother, Nathan, began lashing out.

And she began to fade in the middle of the night.

And Holden Cavanaugh wormed his way back into their lives.

Frustrated with their path, Rachael does her best to live with her circumstances. But she's not convinced Holden has changed, and she finds herself at odds with her boyfriend under the tense circumstances. As tensions heighten, everything culminates in an explosive fight that will change the course of everyone's lives.


Pact of the Pack

February 10, 2016

Moonlight Wars #2

After a bloody showdown amongst lycans at Holden's home, Aaron and his pack take shelter in the Wolfe's compound so Rachael can heal from her injuries. Unfortunately, Olivia catches wind of her blossoming relationship with the alpha and drives them out of Paradise in an explosive tantrum.

Meanwhile, Holden and Lacey mourn the loss of two of their own and are completely unable to find a middle ground as alpha and Primary. Then Laelia steps in, offering information on the whereabouts of their enemy in the hopes of rising rank in the pack. Though Holden uses her information to make a devastating move, he ignores the red flags that suck him deeper into interpersonal drama--especially after some of Olivia's pack defect to him.

Tensions build on both sides. Aaron, too, has taken on a traitor, and she can only weaken their position. Holden's pack continues to grow, while charges vie for attention and status. As the two inevitably head down paths fated to meet in death, two questions remain: who is the superior alpha? And will Rachael survive the oft-fatal lycan infection?


The Alpha's Hostage

January 4, 2016

Moonlight Wars #1

Six years have passed since Rachael Adair last saw her older brother, Jackson. And for good reason—Jackson is now a lycan, and since they age slowly, he has to move frequently lest the humans catch on. When he excitedly calls her and offers a flight for her to visit them in a big city, Rachael jumps at the chance. She's delighted to see her brother, his pack, and of course the alpha she fell in love with: Aaron Moreno.

But when she lands in Las Vegas, Rachael is kidnapped by a new face from the pack of an old "friend;" her first love, Holden Cavanaugh. Holden is now the alpha of a group of poly-amorous betas, and he has every intention of convincing Rachael to join him.

After killing Aaron, of course…


Call of the Lycan

December 1, 2015

Secrets of the Sequoia #3

With Rachael's friend gone and her love lost, she doesn't quite know what to do with the pieces left behind. Her brother, Jackson, is determined to keep her at her side no matter the cost. Together they come up with the very compromise Holden swore he would take vengeance against: that Rachael becomes a lycan.

But when she proposes the idea to the pack alpha, Aaron, he's surprisingly resistant. Then Holden shows up at her house with an assortment of new plans... all of them involving the death of his former alpha.

Then Holden commits an unspeakable crime. Aaron and his pack scramble to defend themselves against their former ally. Rachael is torn between her old life and the promising new one lurking in the distance. She wants to become a lycan, but Aaron refuses to entertain the idea any longer and Holden has promised to kill her if she goes through with it. All of this culminates in a decades-awaited showdown between Aaron and his former charge, and it comes down to who Rachael places her loyalty in to: Holden, her first love, or Aaron, the alpha promising to keep her alive....


Secrets in the Fade

October 11, 2015

Secrets of the Sequoia #2

Two years have passed since Rachael Adair was thrust into the world of lycans. And it's finally time for Aaron to make good on his promise.

Jackson is back.

But upon his return, little kids go missing. Many turn up dead. In Aaron's pack, a lycan who cannot control his rage must be put down. Rachael desperately wants to prove her brother's innocence, but it seems Aaron blocks her every move. And when she tries to turn to Holden for support, she finds he and Aaron are at each others' throats again. With the men trying to kill each other and her friends growing distant, will Rachael be able to find the proof she needs to keep Jackson from an old-fashioned lycan killing?


Howl of the Sequoia

June 15, 2014

Secrets of the Sequoia #1

Devastated by her mother's terminal diagnosis, Rachael struggles with day to day existence as her family's cheerful facade splits stitch by stitch. Amidst her crumbling home life, she manages to make few new friends. One in particular, Holden, makes her question if she can even consider love while her mother's life hangs in the balance.

But Aaron Moreno, a lycan alpha, has a another idea: he wants to introduce Rachael to his and Holden's secret lives. And if what Holden says is true, Aaron will have no regard for what havoc this will wreak upon Rachael.

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