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WARNING: SIZE QUEEN, sequel to Warning: Rigid Standards, a New Adult Erotic Romance, is slated for publication September 2020, under adult alias Laelia West!


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Just Me

April 15, 2020

Love is in the air...
JUST ME is a hand-picked collection of stories about self-discovery and being true to yourself. This LGBTQ+ young adult anthology is not afraid to take on real issues facing today's teens.

"Witty, fast-paced, and well written."

Wilde Girls by Deidre Huesmann
Broken Rules by Roxas James
Bullet Me by Medeia Sharif
We'll Always Have This by Kate Larkindale

Wilde Girls:

Aislynn considers Wilde Flowers her sanctuary. Run by an old woman more accepting than all the churches in town combined, it’s a place where Aislynn can be her queer, pansexual, untraditionally feminine self. Wilde Flowers is her safe space until her childhood bully Phoenix waltzes in, as infuriating and beautiful as when she moved to Utah two years ago.

To Aislynn’s horror, she ends up working in Wilde Flowers with Phoenix as a temp. The two butt heads constantly, and their rivalry explodes when Aislynn lays bare all of Phoenix’s horrendous bullying in the past. Yet it’s Aislynn who’s asked to leave, and she’s devastated, feeling her sanctuary has been ripped out from beneath her.

But then Phoenix comes to apologize, and what she has to say will irrevocably change how Aislynn views her… not to mention how their relationship unfolds from that day forward, as Aislynn sees a whole new side to the abrasive, cutthroat Phoenix.


WARNING: Rigid Standards

March 24, 2020

Silver-spooned Portia Ward is getting her degree to start a life free from her mother’s stipulations. She doesn't need additional complications. Maybe a casual one-night stand now and then. Nothing intimate, nothing close.

The economics major in her history class disagrees. Portia hates Malik on sight: he's tall, arrogant, and wears sunglasses indoors for no reason. He has a comeback for everything. His clothes don’t quite sit right. And who wears all black in the heat? When he asks her on a date, she’s so irked by his blasé confidence that she agrees.

Then she catches glimpses of Malik’s other side. The one who wants to study music theory. The one who apologizes by baking cheesecake. The one who won’t touch her until she asks. He has one rule: he doesn’t do casual. If Portia wants more, she’ll have to compromise her rigid standards.


About the Author

A military brat who lucked out and grew up mostly in the Pacific Northwest, Deidre has been reading for as long as she can remember. In Christmas of 1998, her grandmother sent three books (out of order!) from the then-popular Night World series. Within the year, Deidre owned most of L.J. Smith's works and couldn't get enough. She wanted more YA, more vampires, more enthralling and dangerous romances. So, she figured, she'd write her own.

Now she's is the author of the Modern Greek Myth trilogy, the Secrets of the Sequoia trilogy, and the Burning Britely LGBTQ+ duology.

Deidre identifies as a sapphic she/her.





deidrehuesmann [at] gmail [dot] com


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