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The third installment of the Burning Britely series is slated to come out by the end of 2022.

Latest Releases


The Witchling and the Huntswoman

April 22, 2022

When a magic mirror declares Liesl Weiss the loveliest in the land, she's elated—until her younger sister, Hannelore, seeks revenge for stealing the title of the most famous beauty. After defaming the eldest princess, Hannelore recruits an army of dwarves and slaughters their parents. Liesl flees into the woods, where she meets a sinfully alluring huntswoman.

But then Queen Hannelore demands her sister’s head, and Liesl is forced to choose: her own life and newfound soulmate, or the sister she loves even now.


Apocalypse NOPE!!

April 23, 2021

Creepy. Grudge Girl. Bigfoot. Also known as Ivy-Jean, a tall, gloomy teenager whose only friends are wild spiders. One day she commits a federal crime by opening her neighbor’s mail and summons War, one of the Four Horsepeople. Suddenly it’s her job to bring about the apocalypse.

In fact, she has no choice. End humanity, or the one person who cares about her will be sent to hell. To protect her mother, Ivy-Jean agrees to give the apocalypse her best shot. But plans unravel at horrifying speed when Pestilence usurps the high school debate team, War infiltrates the D&D club, Famine aspires to become a world-famous chef, and Death finds love for life in an unlikely place. If Ivy-Jean doesn’t correct their course, she’ll lose the horsepeople to the forces of good forever.


About the Author

A military brat who lucked out and grew up mostly in the Pacific Northwest, Deidre has been reading for as long as she can remember. In Christmas of 1998, her grandmother sent three books (out of order!) from the then-popular Night World series. Within the year, Deidre owned most of L.J. Smith's works and couldn't get enough. She wanted more YA, more vampires, more enthralling and dangerous romances. So, she figured, she'd write her own.

Now she's is the author of the Modern Greek Myth trilogy, the Secrets of the Sequoia trilogy, and the Burning Britely LGBTQ+ duology.

Deidre identifies as a sapphic she/her.


deidrehuesmann [at] gmail [dot] com

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